Translation process

When creating this website we have attempted to offer a number of additional languages to support the broader community.

The translation provided follow a stringent translation process to ensure the most effective results for the application of the content. 

First, the English language dialogue and all related button and functional dialogues are carefully provided to professional human translators for initial translation. 

A second, independent human linguist reviews and edits a translation for accuracy, natural flow in the target language and adherence to the content application.

Finally, all translations pass through a machine translation (MT) validation. Translations are also constantly checked at random by Language Specialists.

Please note while great care is taken to ensure the highest quality result in our translations on this website, please understand that we cannot guarantee completely against certain interpretations, spelling or applied grammar leading to misinterpretations. If you are unsure please feel free to contact us in regard to our content should you wish to have clarification.